Animators (CG / Maya)

We’re looking for creative animators who aren’t afraid to use any and every tool in the book to bring our awesome characters to life – with heart and humour.

Storytellers and actors who particularly enjoy pushing the limits of cartoony movement and expressions, as well as some of the tricks from the anime toolbox.

We’ll be looking at your demo reel to showcase a strong foundation in the principles of animation, including weight, anticipation, and impact.

But more so, we’ll be looking for creative choices and successful risk-taking.Most importantly we’ll be looking for performances that make us FEEL something (remember the audience doesn’t care about the rules and techniques – just how a performance makes them feel).


If you’re open to new and interesting work-flows – and want to work with a fun team to animate some fantastic characters on an epic adventure, apply now. 


Please note that due to the number of applicants only the selected candidates will be contacted.

Rollickin’ is an equal opportunity employer.